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Catalonia Convention Center

Barcelona, Spain
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The Catalonia Convention Center stands in the southwest limits of the city of Barcelona, by the A-2 motorway approach. It is an entrance point to the city of Barcelona with a large concentration of university, sport, financial, commercial and hotel amenities. Avinguda Diagonal is a street which offers a wide range of four- and five- star hotels, making it a prime position for a congress centre to make the most of the conditions that the city offers.

The project aspires to endow the complex - comprising privately-developed building- with an institutional quality, as a public facility. It is set in an area of wide-open spaces, but on an urban scale. The complex formed by the various facilities and their gardens blends into this urban scale, giving rise to their own independent formal and functional references. A place between the country and the city, situated on high land overlooking the urban landscape and offering vistas of Montjuic and the coast.

The building is divided into three volumes with a circuit that starts in the hall, continues along the street before entering the main auditorium with capacity for over two thousand people and into the foyer, which is a place rather than a container for activity, due to the imposing presence of the landscape. The exhibition hall also stands out for its identifiable exterior image and the way light is treated. From here on, the circuit continues through the lower floor on a level with the gardens; this floor contains the modular halls, dining rooms and a series of support services including the cafeteria-cum-restaurant, offices and complementary spaces corresponding to the third sector of the building.

The diversity and functional autonomy of the different parts, which is manifested in the longitudinal sections, can also be interpreted in terms of the appearance of spaces without a brief - streets for circulation and squares - reflected in the cross sections. The complex functions as an interwoven system, as a whole in the form of a kind of small city.

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daniele, July 4th, 2017
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