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Willem Marinus Dudok

Hilversum, Netherlands
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Willem Marinus Dudok (July 6th, 1884 - April 6th, 1974) was a Dutch modernist architect born in Amsterdam. Dudok became City Architect for the town of Hilversum in 1928 and designed dozens of public buildings and entire neighborhoods there. He is best known for the brick Hilversum City Hall (Raadhuis), completed in 1931.

Dudok's early style grew out of the Amsterdam School but the dramatic massing, asymmetry, the overhanging eaves and other elements of his landmark City Hall were clearly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Chicago Prairie School. Dudok continued to produce progressive, Dutch modernist structures in Hilversum for decades, through the 1960s, and had international influence. He received the RIBA Gold Medal in 1935 and the AIA Gold Medal in 1955. He died in Hilversum in 1974.

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Hilversum, Netherlands
ludmilla, March 20th, 2011
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