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Yeregeny Rozanov

Yeregeny Rozanov was born 1925 in Moscow.In 1945 Rozanov entered the Moscow Institute of Architecture and was a student of Vladimir Fedorovich Krinsky, one of the founders of VKhUTEMAS.He graduated in 1951 and was invited right after his study to work in the architectural studio GA Zakharov. In the same year he won the first prize at the All-Union competition for the Shchusev monument at Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow. The monument was erected in 1956.For almost half a century Y. Rozanov built about 40 major public buildings and complexes like the government administrative buildings on the main square of Tashkent, the Lenin Museum Tashkent (1970), the Palace of Friendship of Peoples i(1981), Musical Comedy Theater Khabarovsk (1977), the Theater in Kursk (1983), the concert halls in Kostroma (1966, ) and the sanatorium complex "Southern" in the Crimea (1980).Yeregeny Rozanov lives and works in Moscow.

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ziggurat, July 18th, 2012
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