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The project is located in the area of Matanzas - Chile, on top of a cliff, 65m approximately above sea level.

This house for a couple and their child develops within a volume 9x9mts square. In another volume it is inserted in a higher level, which by its position rotated 45 degrees to the ground, able to generate double heights and the organization of space on the first floor.

The program is organized in a simple, one room - dining room and kitchen with a backup platform, which accommodates a roost and access to the second floor. Then, laterally north facing terrace, partly covered, allowing for windy days even enjoy the outside.

Finally, the diagonal volume, bedroom and bathroom.

Three sectors defined by their orientations in the panoramic views of the place, the island, the beach and the forest by the sea.

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  1. Plataformaarquitectura
vanessafralves, June 17th, 2013
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