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WMR Arquitectos

Espoz, Chile
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Felipe Wedeles Tondreau, Macarena Rabat Errazuriz and Jorge Manieu Briceno

WMR aim to achieve the maximum space synthesis, through the mastery of scale and site tension, light and local materials. They believe a great building is one that is rational, poetic, sustainable and responds to the client's dreams. Felipe Wedeles Tondreau was born in 1977. He obtained his degree in architecture at the Finis Terrae University in Santiago (1994-2001). He was a founding partner of the firm DAW (Santiago, 2001-03), and then co-founded WMR in 2005. Jorge Manieu Briceno was born in 1976. He has studied at the Finis Terrae University, obtaining his degree in architecture in 1999. He worked with Manuel Casanueva and Felipe Assadi prior to co-founding WMR. Macarena Rabat Errazuriz was born in 1982, and also completed his architecture studies at Finis Terrae, before working at ZS architects in Santiago and co-founding WMR in 2005. The acronym WMR is derived from the partners names Wedeles Manieu Rabat.

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Espoz, Chile
vanessafralves, June 22nd, 2017
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