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Building Franjinhas

Lisbon, Portugal
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"Franjinhas" is a office building designed by the portuguese architect Nuno Teotonio Pereira, in 1971.

Considered a controversial work, was pretext of critics among architects and controversy among the people from Lisbon not used to this architecture at the time being.

Considered an exemplary Postmodern building, was popularly named "Franjinhas" as reference to the facade and its concrete fringes, that have as a proporse hide and protect the glazing windows behind it, allowing a wise distribution of light and a reading of the city through "framed fragments".

The interior lighting permits a constant light exposure from near to the bottom of the windows until the rooms. This "skin" of cut concrete is a double facade. With its innovative image in Lisbon city context the building has transformed Lisbon over the 60 years, proposing a new understanding of the city breaking the facade and establishing a fluid contact with the street.

The building "Franjinhas" won a Valmor prize in 1971.

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  1. Rupturasilenciosa
vanessafralves, June 25th, 2013
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