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Fernando Tavora

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Fernando Luis Cardoso de Meneses e Tavares de Tavora was an architect established in Porto, graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Porto in architecture in 1952.

Member of the Organization of Modern Architects, introduced in association with other architects and from the late 40s, a reflection that had no precedent in Portugal on the social corollary of architecture in opposed to outputs and official discourses of the time.

As the creator of a new logic of construction, cross gave emphasis to unique landscapes, using them as cultural data to be integrated into the dialogue with the architecture.

He left a great amount of work of one being considerated one of the greatest figures of Portuguese contemporary architecture, founder and master of the "School of Porto", which early recognized talent in the student Alvaro Siza and knew, like anyone, make a synthesis between traditional domestic architecture, remarkable in his work '50s and '60s, and international modern architecture and present their projects in the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century. He is an author of continuity inside the breaks, for whom an architectural work must be understood in the context of the surrounding environment.

There is an architecture prize in Portugal named after him "Prize Fernando Tavora".

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