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Bosmal City Centre

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Bosmal City Centre was designed to become a new landmark of Sarajevo.

The first condominium to be built in Sarajevo, it consists of 307 luxury flats ranging in size from 77 to 230 m2. It consists of two towers as an apart-hotel with a separate entrance and reception for each tower. The building also contains a central shopping parade almost 100 metres long, surrounded by restaurants and shops, and a pool, fitness centre, saunas, massage parlour and other amenities. The architectural concept was defined by the L-shaped twin towers, one of which is more elegant, its verticality accentuated, while the other, which is almost double the area of the first, is more chunky, with its horizontal features - terraces and balconies - picked out in orange and green. The building also has an underground garage with 450 parking spaces.

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ziggurat, May 21st, 2014
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