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NN's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
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Do not be alarmed if you see structures that resemble giant white golf balls when you take a stroll in the 's-Hertogenbosch neighbourhood of Maasport.

The futuristic globes which are made out of cement and fibreglass are in fact, houses. Also known as Bolwoningen, these houses have been around since the beginning of the 1980s as a result of architect Dries Kreijkamp's vision. According to the architect, residents feel much closer to nature, because they can see from all directions within each globe. In case you were wondering, the rest of the neighbourhood houses look relatively 'normal'. Each globe offers bedrooms on the ground floor, bathroom in the middle and living rooms on the top floor, which have the best views. With a diameter of only 5.5 metres, most globe houses are inhabited by just one or two people.

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mariathuroczy, April 20th, 2017
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