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Filter Factory

Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Filter Factory is a stament on the littering behavior of smokers. An average smoker throws every year 2.5 kilo of cigarette ends on the street. Birds eat these cigarette ends because they consider them to be food. As a result they die. On the other hand, birds are smart and use the filters in their nests. Because the filters are made out of a synthetic fiber, they keep the eggs warm. Besides, the nicotine keeps leeches out of the nest, so the little chicks don't die. It is my aim to make smokers aware of their littering behavior and reward them for their good behavior instead of punishing them for bad behavior. When throwing your cigarette end in the machine, it is being shredded and the counter runs. Every three hundredth cigarette, a door pops open and the lucky smoker can take a birdhouse home with him. The birdhouses are being made in some sort of big waffle iron. The shredded cigarette filters are being melted in the waffle iron and thus being shaped into a birdhouse.

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bostjan, August 25th, 2017
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