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Albanija Palace

Belgrade, Serbia
1 of 7Vanja Panić

The competition for the Palace of the Commercial Mortgage Bank fund was announced on January 14 in 1938. Winners in this architectural competition were Branko Bon and Milorad Grakalić. The authors of the design were architects Branko Bon, Milorad Grakalić, Miladin Prljević and engineer Đorđe Lazarević. The works were completed in 1940. With its monumental appearance, important structural and architectural novelties, the Albanija building was an exceptional architectural achievement in the Balkans, and, until the building of Beograđanka it was the tallest house in Belgrade. Designed in the style of international modernism of the 1930s, with facades covered in grey-blue marble, it is a spatial accent at Terazije and one of the recognizable symbols of Belgrade. The Albanija building represents one of the main visual qualities of the city.

Knez Mihailova 12