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RDH Architects

Toronto, Canada

Rounthwaite, Dick and Hadley Architects, founded in 1919 and located in Toronto, Canada, is a consulting firm specializing in corporate and institutional architecture.

The practice began immediately after the First World War and soon developed a reputation for its design of financial institutions. Among its early clients were a number of Canadian and foreign banks and insurance companies such as Metropolitan Life of New York and the Bank of Canada. Working with such clients, the firm developed unequalled experience in high security design. Highly secure facilities include the Bank of Canada Headquarters in Ottawa as well as two of their major support facilities in Ottawa and Mississauga; Royal Bank of Canada offices and Support facilities across Ontario including numerous branch banks; the OPP Training Academy in Orillia; and Canada's new Chancery and Official Residence in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Toronto, Canada
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lacuna, November 8th, 2011
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