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David Premi

Hamilton, Canada
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David Premi is an architect, educator, community leader, and advocate of sustainable development, and has 25 years' experience as an architectural practitioner. David has developed and delivered courses on sustainable design and construction at Mohawk College and McMaster University.

He currently serves as a board member on the Hamilton Arts Council, and is chair of the Advocacy committee for the Hamilton and Burlington Society of Architects. David lives in Hamilton with his family.

David Premi Architects inc (dp.Ai) was established in Hamilton in 2005 as an architectural practice focusing on sustainability, urban renewal, and strengthening of community through design excellence in the built environment. The firm recently received a 2011 Ontario Association of Architects Design Excellence award for the renovation of the Hamilton Farmers' Market and Public Library in downtown Hamilton. dp.Ai maintains a strong focus on design of public renewal projects as an catalyst for community growth, and believes that adaptive reuse is an important vehicle to preserve history while supporting change in our urban areas.

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Hamilton, Canada
  1. Sustainable Suburbs
lacuna, November 8th, 2011
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