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Eliza Hoxha

Prishtina, Serbia
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Eliza Hoxha works at the University of Prishtina / Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture / Department or Urbanism and Spatial Planning while also parallel to that she practices her profession as a freelancer. Currently she is a PHD - cand at TU-Graz, Austria. Here work experience is linked with different institutions form governmental level such as Ministry of Environment and spatial planning in Kosovo, also with many Kosovar Municipalities with whom she worked on the planning processes, strategies and other documents and also with the private sector. She is an author of the book titled "the city and love" dedicated to the capital city of Prishtina which is a collection of its best columns on the city issues, identity, memory and the future. She was awarded by the Association of Kosovar Architects for her writings with a price for "educative architecture - promotion of architecture" in April 2011. Another award came to her proclaiming here an Ambassador for Environment in Kosovo from BELLS (Balkan Environmental Local Leadership Standards) Movement at September 2010, While also from Kosovar Women Network in 2013 for promoting women right in Kosovo.

Eliza Hoxha besides its profession as an architect, she is a well-known Kosovar public personality in the different fields of arts and culture such as music, photography and other forms of artistic expression using them to address social issues and concerns in Post war Kosovo.

Since, from July 2011 - till 2015 she was a President of the Executive Board of the Kosovar National Gallery in Prishtine. She is a member of ECP-European Culture Parlament.

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Prishtina, Serbia
bostjan, March 20th, 2017
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