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Gokhan Avcioglu

Istanbul, Turkey
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Born in Ankara, Turkey in 1961, Gokhan Avcioglu completed his education in KSU/BA in Architecture. He is the principle and founder of GAD in Istanbul, since 1994, where he designs and constructs building with various functions.

Among his projects are office buildings, public and commercial spaces, office buildings and residences in Istanbul and Bodrum in Turkey, New Jersey, Washington DC, Virginia and Connecticut, various stores in Manhattan New York, restaurants in Istanbul and Washington DC . Among his recent projects are a mix use residential and commercial projects for Istanbul, residential lofts in Washington DC, hotels and houses in Bodrum and Kazan Russia, public spaces in Libya.He has won numerous awards including the 1997 Turkish Architecture Prize, the 2001 Cimsa Design Prize and a bronze medal in Miami Biennal in 2003. The projects Kadikoy Park in 1998 and in 2004, Yalova Elyaf in 2001 and Esma Sultan in 2005 was short listed for Aga Khan award for Architecture.

Since 2001, he has been running studios in in Ecole Speciale d'Architecture in Paris , Yildiz Technical University and Istanbul Technical University in Istanbul.

Since 2001 Gokhan Avcioglu has offices also in New York and living in both cities.

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Istanbul, Turkey
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