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Petar Vulovic

, Serbia
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Peter Vulovic studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade (1950-57). He was employed in the design office of the National Bank (1959-75) and also worked as a professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade (1957-96). The work of Vulovic was developed in two different frame parts. First consist the building of the National Bank and the SDK in Makarska (1963-64), Koper (1963-64), Cetinje, Kraljevo (1970-73) and Belgrade (1966-69). The second phase represent different tendencies in contemporary Serbian architecture: the functional structuralism, romantic expressionism or Serbian modernism. Primary school in Uzice (1973-79) is the nearest functional structuralism. Kindergarten in Ivanjici (1971-78) is one of the clearest examples of romantic expressionism in Serbian architecture. SDK building in New Belgrade (1986) was built on the foundations of the old airport terminal building from the thirties.

Other important works

The National Bank of Nova Gradiska, Croatia (1960-61), Factory Iverastih plate Ivanjici (1962-63), Health in Ivanjici (1979-83, with M. Stambolic), reconstruction of the interior of the building of the National Bank of Zemun.

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, Serbia
bostjan, May 4th, 2014
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