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BAR Architekten

Berlin, Germany
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The architects group BAR (Base for Architecture and Research) was founded in 1992 by Antje Buchholz, Jack Burnett-Stuart, Michael von Matuschka and Jurgen Patzak-Poor. BAR developed and implemented construction and design projects on quite different scales. In initially small-scale projects with topics as density, usage overlapping and communication within a living and working context were tested on a one-to-one basis and further conceptualized in the later, larger projects. The housing and studio building Oderberger Str. 56 was recently realized in Berlin, a project initiated by BAR with the aim of developing a building structure that enables and reorganizes the interplay of living and working. BAR is actively involved in several projects in the current debate on new models for housing construction and issues of urban mixing.

Berlin, Germany