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Logistics Landscapes

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An 'endless' facade of a warehouse shed behind an old forest, which has been gradually integrated into a logistics park. © Miroslav Pazdera

The simplest possible architecture wraps and supports the complex of trivial operations called logistics.The combination of cheap labour, central geographic location and growth of online shopping has formed fertile ground for the current explosive growth of Czech logistic parks. Their total floor area has doubled in the past three years alone. In proportion to the GDP, Czechia now has almost twice the storage area of Poland and three times more than Hungary and Slovakia.However, If we are talking about warehouses growing, it is not to say that the cities grow with them. Often, what matters is the distance to the western border rather than the questionable purchase power of the closest Czech city. For many distribution centres of large companies, it is for the most part irrelevant if they are located near Pilsen, Prague or Ostrava. The logistic parks are then often built in remote, island-like locations, without access to public transport and amenities. In such places, thousands of people from all around Czechia, as well as from Romania or Ukraine, work, but sometimes also live. In the middle of nowhere. Next to the motorway, but without a car. The logistics Landscapes, which we see only as we pass by them on the road are 'inhabited'.

Landscape is a medium. both the actual place and its artistic depiction. Both object of as well as the means of observation, it is both the frame and the contains of that frame. means of naturalisation of the political-economic situation of its time. The exhibition opens the subject of logistics to new audiences through the lens of landscape, both within and around these quasi-industrial compounds. How do they present themselves to the outside, and what is contained inside? What are they part of and how do they effect their surroundings? A new layer emerges, seamlessly wrapping the old world, to which it must fit and which it transforms. The exhibition 'Logistics Landscapes' explores this new layer before it roots as a commonplace into our subconsciousness, alongside the 'natural' rows of trees that surround it.It is described with a series of 'Landscapes'. Six exhibits, that try to shift the definition of this classic genre, which so handily represents what in itself already is a representation.

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tadeasriha, February 13th, 2019
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