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Hofstätter & Domány

Budapest, Hungary
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Ferenc Domány and Béla Hofstätter were friends and colleges, working together on many projects in Budapest.

Ferenc Domány (April 30, 1899 - September 9, 1939) studied architecture in the Technical University in Budapest where he had the well-known Dezső Hültl as professor. He finished his studies and graduated in Berlin. He settled down in Berlin for years and designed hotels (Woga-Hotel 1927–1930, Autohotel 1929–30), office building, even a sport arena. In 1933 he moved back to Budapest and start collaborating with Béla Hofstätter. In 1939 he decided to move his location to

London and he committed suicide.

Budapest has a number of fine examples of the modern style, many of them in the Újlipótváros neighbourhood, which was dominated by the designs of Béla Hofstätter and Ferenc Domány. They designed many modern residential buildings and cinemas (Ady, Lloyd/Duna és Brodway cinema.

Budapest, Hungary
Lacuna, October 24th, 2011