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Gedeon Gerloczy

Budapest, Hungary
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Gedeon Gerloczy (June 28, 1895 - July 30, 1975) was a hungarian architect, came from a medical family. Breaking the tradition he achieved his engineer degree at the Imperial Joseph College. After a couple of years working in Hungary, he went to Munich to study engineering.

In the 20s he established an architectural office in Budapest. In the beginning of his carreer, he designed some eclectic, Neo-Baroque villas, than after some provincial projects he worked in Budapest for about four decades as a well-known architect.

He was a member of the Napraforgo Street design team with other famed architect like Lajos Kozma, Joszef Fischer, Alfred Hajos, Farkas Molnar. In 1931, some representatives of the modern architecture style made a proposal to the Budapest Public Works Council to have a whole street designed by the best architects, based on an example in Stuttgart. Gerloczy designed the 21st of Napraforgo Street. The signs of modernist aesthetic were already remarkable on the design.

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Budapest, Hungary
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