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George Chakhava

Tbilisi, Georgia

George Chakhava was born in 1923 in Tbilisi, as a son of office-worker parents. In 1941 he graduated from the secondary school N25 and after the military service he entered the Architecture faculty of the State Polytechnical University, which he finished in 1949.

Up to now he is practicing architecture. He had designed numerous buildings in Tbilisi, as well as abroad - in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afganistan and Livia.

The main inspiration of his architecture - is the unique nature of his country with its individuality and beauty of each region in harmony with mountain villages.

"I was always amazed by the ordinary Georgian peasant's ability to build the house where the most expressive landscape was opened, sometimes preferring the nature's beauty to the living convenience. That is why the mastering of complicated relief became the defined moment of my creative work. On my view, the more relief is complicated, the more possibilities have the architect."

In 1983 he received the State Prize of USSR Council of Ministers. In 1991 he was chosen as the Honored Member of the International Academy of the Architecture of the Oriental countries. Georgian Union of Architects awarded him with the medal for "The Special honor in Architecture". He also received the medals for the participation in the World War II 1941-1945 and Honorary awards of the Union of the Architects of USSR.

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Tbilisi, Georgia
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