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Milena Zindovic

Belgrade, Serbia
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Milena Zindovic is an architect, currently based in Belgrade, Serbia, whose interests include urban planning and architectural design, and research on sustainable and inclusive urban development. She works as an independent architectural professional on various design projects, from housing to public spaces. She also works as a gender equality and public participation consultant for various local and international organizations and agencies.

Milena graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture in 2007. From 2008 to 2009 Milena attended the M.Arch II program at Cornell University, NY, with her focus on Architecture and Media. She studied architecture through various media, including 3d modelling, rendering and animation, Google Earth, parametric design, collage, movie editing, spatial installations, etc. Additionally, she was working as a teaching assistant and participated in the realization of several projects in the collaboration with the faculty.

She gained professional experience in Serbia and Slovenia. She worked in architectural design, design and project management and urban planning. She participated or led projects that span from large-scale residential and commercial complexes, to sports arenas, military complexes, and public spaces. She is the recipient of several architectural and urban design awards.

Milena is the founder of the initiative Women in Architecture, which has been showcasing and raising attention to women architects in Serbia since 2013. The initiative works through digital media, as well as exhibitions, guided city tours and children's workshops. Milena is the editor of the awarded book "Women in Architecture | Contemporary architecture in Serbia since 1900". Milena is a founding member and managing board member of the Women Architect's Association, founded in 2016 with the aim of connecting and empowering women architects in Serbia. She is also founder of the NGO Smart City, where she explores contemporary approaches to sustainable urban development.

Her interest in gender equality and sustainable urban development come together in the first analysis on gender mainstreaming in urban planning and design in Serbia, which she wrote in 2017. Milena has since been working on several climate-change and sustainability projects with UN Women in Serbia, providing a gender perspective to topics such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, urban mobility and waste management. In 2019 she was a panelist at a side-event of CSW63 "Towards gender responsible climate action" at the UN Headquarters in New York.

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Belgrade, Serbia
sonjadragovic, April 8th, 2019
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