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Borivoje Jovanovic

Belgrade, Serbia
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Borivoje Jovanovic is a Serbian architect born in Belgrade in 1938. He studied and graduated in 1964 in Faculty of Architecture of the Belgrade University (Milana Zlokovic studio). In the same year, he was employed in the architectural design office "Centroprojekt" where he worked until 2003. Borivoje Jovanovic was awarded the most prestigious prizes and recognitions.

His most important realized works Housing

The "Julino brdo" residential settlement in Belgrade (with M. Lojanica and P. Cagic), 1967-71; Residential block in Radiceva Street, Osijek, Croatia (with M. Lojanica and P. Cagic), 1969-74; Residential block "Galacka" , Kikinda, Serbia (with P. Cagic), 1978-83 The "Block 19A" residential settlement in New Belgrade(with M. Lojanica, P. Cagicand R. Maric), 1976-82; Residential settlement "II Community Center", Bezanijska Kosa, Belgarde (with D. Mitrovicem and N. Zarkovicem)

City centres and pedestrian zones

The Reconstruction of the Valjevo city centar and City Square in Karadordeva Street (with M. Lojanica, P. Cagic, R. Maric, M. Bozanic and B. Krkovic) 1971-80; The Pedestrian zone in Kikindi (with P. Cagic)1977-84; The Kralj Petar I Square in Pancevo(with P. Cagic and M. Lojanica) 1984-86, Hotels and tourist facilities Hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia (with M. Lojanica and P. Cagic), 1973-77; Apartment Complex "Maslinjak", Krasici, Montenegro(with M. Lojanica and P. Cagic), 1976-80 Hotel "Selters", Mladenovac

Office buildings

Bank and department store in Kikindi (with P. Cagic) 1977-83; The Central Bank of Russia in Moscow (with A. Semjonov); Border crossing buildings in Horgos (with R. Andelkovic); Office building "City square" in Belgrade (with D. Mitrovic, at the stage of preliminary design)Health care facilities Surgical block of military hospital, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Clinical Center, Nis Interiors Hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia 1973-77; Hotel "Selters", Mladenovac; The Central Bank of Russia in Moscow (with A. Semjonov); Office building "City square" in Belgrade

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Belgrade, Serbia
mariathuroczy, May 4th, 2014
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