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Branko Krasevac

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Branko Krasevac was a slovenian industrial designer and architect ( March 31, 1927, Koprivnica - June 26, 2016, Radenci). In 1958 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Edvard Ravnikar studio. After graduating, he was employed at the aluminum factory Impol in Slovenska Bistrica, where he was manager of aluminum constructions, later a head of projective Development Bureau Impol factory, and from 1969 to 1978 head of projective constructive bureau plant Montal. He was an expert consultant for the aluminum structures. Krasevac has become one of the leading designers of facades and facade elements in the former Yugoslavia, especially the facade cladding of aluminum sheet and cast aluminum. He is the author of the first suspended facade cladding from self-supporting facade aluminum elements. Such a facade was made in 1960/1961 for the Metalka building in Ljubljana.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
lacuna, February 4th, 2019
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