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'White Stone' Residential Building Change this

Tirana, Albania
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Tirana of many colors, for a long time, has forgotten the “White”, the Mediterranean White. The white of Berat houses, the White of the most successful Albanian folk architecture, just that white that amazed even Le Corbusier during his trip in the Balkans. This is the idea on which is based the design of this residential building, located in a rather common neighborhood in Tirana, with a mixed use of buildings and a mix of design, without a real architecture that characterizes them. This building tries to decontextualize from what surrounds it, though in a completely natural way, trying to find its place among the other buildings.

The location of the building, in the midst of the adjoining streets, enhances even more the lonely stand that makes it stand out from all four sides, its sculptural forms. To be able to enclose its shape in a single body, the balconies were designed with the same design of the facades, and their projection is mitigated by an oblique cut in the top and bottom. The "breaking rhythm" of the windows reflects the architecture of the popular Balkan cities and those Albanians, in which the random overlap of windows and the volumes of housing is the biggest thrill.


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