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2009 – 2010



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City Municipality Bled

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€420000 million

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Bled, Slovenia
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Beside its natural beauty, Bled is also considered as the cradle of Slovenian rowing sport, with world-wide reputation as one of the most important and most beautiful natural sites for rowing competitions next to Lake Luzern. For the World Rowing Championship in September 2011, adequate space and infrastructure facilities were needed, both for events of world-class importance and for further development of the rowing center of Bled and the National Rowing Centre. All within the tasks of preserving the qualities of the landscape, the image and attractiveness of the natural area on the lake shore. As part of the project for the development of the rowing center, the viewers are now able to watch rowers from the new stands in the finish line area. This is characterized by the steep configuration of the terrain, which the placement of the stand facility further highlights within the natural image of the area. The stands in general belong to the group of utility buildings, where function primarily dictates the appearance.


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