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1956 – 1958


Private House

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Calle Belisana 5
28400 Madrid

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Vallet de Goytisolo House Change this

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The house of Vallet de Goytisolo is one of only three projects that the architect José Antonio Coderch executed in Madrid. Eclipsed by the greater media and academic repercussion of other works, such as the Girasol building, built in 1966 and considered one of the masterpieces of Spanish architecture, this small dwelling located in Ciudad Lineal has now only unfortunately acquired its name and presence. Recorded his order of demolition, this work runs the risk of thickening the list of absent architecture in Madrid. Leaving aside the romantic component that this term might evoke, the negligence, lack of sensitivity and culture of public and professional administrations may play an important role again. To date, it seems that the response has arrived on time and there are chances of stopping the demolition process.


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