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Gas Naturals Headquarter

Barcelona, Spain
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As a living creature that reacts to external impulses, the new building of the company Gas Natural, develops and extends addressing the different conditions of the program and the complex environment. The aim is to reconcile several objectives: to create an urban landmark in the skyline of Barcelona, to set up a dialogue with the low-rise houses of the neighborhood and to generate quality public spaces.The constructible volume, the singular character of this new building, its relationship with the urban periphery makes the new office building of Gas Natural a member of the family of contemporary buildings, however this doesn't mean the new building lacks a clear desire to become compatible with it urban surroundings; the small scale of the district of La Barceloneta, the surrounding houses and the park.

It has the verticality of an office tower, while at the same time offers an entrance that shows the representative character of the building from a rapid view of the interior. That is why EMBT has made a proposal where the interest lies in the fragmentation of the constructible volume into a series of constructions that at the end form a unified volume, which response to different scales and in clear relation to the nearby apartment buildings. By forming a great doorway which allows the opening up of the district of La Barceloneta and a singular public space that brings the construction to the ground, until it forms an urban landscape of different dimensions.

The treatment of the facades follows similar criteria. A series of large windows create interest close up, while an indifferent volumetric treatment protects the building from the sun and the noise and shows a series of abstract volumes that confused with the other buildings along the periphery.

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daniele, June 12th, 2017
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