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Urban Research, Research Project, Future Architecture Platform, Future Architecture

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July 2017 – ?



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United Kingdom

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February 22nd, 2019

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London, United Kingdom
by Giorgia Scognamiglio, Lorenzo Zandri Change this
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For decades, tourism destinations, particularly cities like Venice or Paris, have intensively relied on tourism market and Architecture has always represented an attractive force. However, they are now experiencing what is called the “overtourism” phenomenon, with ever-increasing tourist numbers and being mostly known for a few “instagrammable” glamour sites.
What can we expect from this new era of too much tourism?

Unsent Postcard answers inverting the process and celebrating significant, intriguing and rare architectures, cities and villages through the recovery of an unused medium of communication, the postcard. This project enlarges the concept of beauty and invites travelers to consider a wider range of places, take a moment to reflect on the experience and condense impressions in a few sentences on paper. Restoring the ideas of culture and sophistication of the Grand Tours, Unsent Postcard contrasts the consummistic and bulimic approach with slower meaningful explorations.

Unsent Postcard is a fine-art small-format paper project, designed and curated by Giorgia Scognamiglio and Lorenzo Zandri.


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