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Modernism, Bauhaus Influence

Project timeline

? – 1930


Hotel & Restaurant

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1 Zamenhoff Street
64373 Tel Aviv

Also known as Change this

The Esther Cinema

Architect Change this

The Hotel Cinema Change this

Tel Aviv, Israel
by Yehuda Magidowitz Change this
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The Hotel Cinema is located in one of the most central parts of Tel Aviv – the Dizengoff Circle. Despite being located so close to such a monumental piece of International Style architecture, Magidowitz’s remarkable structure still emanates an incredibly strong presence thanks to its streamlined, ribbon-like balconies and geometric windows, and its peculiarly curved structure. It has gone through a number of restorations that have only contributed to the building’s character; today it is a hotel, its interior has been renovated, yet it still carries an air of 1930s Bauhaus chic.


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