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David Resnick

Jerusalem, Israel
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David Resnick was a Brazilian-born Israeli architect and town planner whose awards include the Israel Prize in architecture and the Rechter Prize. Resnik is a past director of the Israeli Architects Association, and is known as one of Israel's most celebrated modern architects.

Resnick was born in Rio de Janeiro, where he was raised in a secular Zionist home. During his time as an architect in Brazil, Resnick joined a Hashomer Hatzair training program, where he met and married his wife Rachel. In 1949, they immigrated to Israel, settling in Kibbutz Ein Hashofet. Resnick has stated that after World War II, the Holocaust, and the establishment of Israel, he and Rachel were among a number of "idealistic Brazilian-Jewish youngsters" who made the decision to move to Israel. Resnick worked in the fields of the kibbutz for two years, and has stated that even though he moved to the city to follow his career in architecture, his sense of social commitment has always remained with him.


Resnick's early works included the Rabbi Dr. I. Goldstein Synagogue and the Einstein Institute of Mathematics on the Givat Ram campus of Israel's Hebrew University. His other works in Israel include Jerusalem's Hyatt Regency Hotel, the Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center, Yad Kennedy (the John F. Kennedy Memorial outside of Jerusalem), and the Antiquities Museum in Hatzor, and the Soldiers Home complex (Yad lebanim). Resnick's other major buildings include the Israel National Academy of Sciences. His works outside of Israel include the Israeli embassy in Rio de Janeiro and he co-created the Israel Pavilion for Expo '67, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, along with Arieh Sharon.

Town planning

In addition to his work as an architect on independent buildings and memorials, Resnick's work as a town planner includes the neighborhoods in Kiryat Hasidim, Hatzor Haglilit, Modi'in and Beit Shemesh. One of his earliest town planning projects was the community of Nayot, created during the years 1959-1962.

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Jerusalem, Israel
ziggurat, March 20th, 2017
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