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Contemporary Architecture

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2010 – 2014



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Cultural center for the reconciliation of peruvian people

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presidential commission for the place of memory - peruvian ministry of culture

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A presidential commission led by Nobel prized Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, launched in 2010 a national architecture competition for the construction of the Place of Memory, a place where people from diverse political a social origins work together to reach a possible reconciliation between Peruvian people, confronted by a bloody conflict initiated in 1980 by the terrorist movement Shining Path, counting more than 70.000 dead in twenty years.

The jury was formed by Kenneth Frampton, Rafael Moneo, Francesco Dal Co, Wiley Ludeña and José G Bryce.

The project is carefully inserted into the dynamic of cliffs and ravines that ring the bay of Lima, merging with landscape by following the same territorial logic that characterizes its waterfront.
By doing this, the building evokes memory in a much broader significance: the memory of landscape in its physical configuration and materiality, rather than dealing only with violence and political memory, which is the role of a permanent exhibition.


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