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Zoo, Pool

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1933 – 1934


Culture & Entertainment

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London Zoo, Regent's Park
United Kingdom

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London Zoo

Penguin Pool, London Zoo Change this

London, United Kingdom
by Tecton, Berthold Lubetkin Change this
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In 1934, London Zoo (the Regent's Park zoo in London) unveiled its famous spiral-ramped "Penguin Pool," designed by Tecton, an influential architectural firm led by Russian emigre Berthold Lubetkin. Tecton's innovative Modernist design was unusually elegant and playful and one of the first uses of reinforced concrete.

During a refurbishment in 2004, the penguin colony was temporarily relocated to one of the zoo's duck ponds and took such a strong liking to their new habitat that it was decided that they would remain there.


Posted by Guest | Friday, June 3rd, 2011 | 05:35am
Hi Dallas,
great question. Actually, the London Zoo opened a new penguin pool last week. The original pool will stay, but remain empty.

Here is a news article:
Posted by Guest | Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 | 20:06pm
So the question is: if the 2004 relocation of the peguin colony became a permanent affair was the original "Penguin Pool" repopulated?

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