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London, United Kingdom
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From left to right: Francis Skinner, Eileen Murry, Margaret Church (later Mrs. Lubetkin.), Berthold Lubetkin, Carl Ludwig Franck, Fred Lassere, Lindsay Drake

The Tecton Group was a radical architecture group founded by Berthold Lubetkin, Francis Skinner, Lasdun Denys, Samuel Godfrey, and Lindsay Drake in 1932. The name originates Tecton Architecton (architecture in Greek). The group was one of the leaders in introducing the Modern Movement in Britain.

His first commission was the home of gorillas at the London Zoo in Regent Park, conducted between 1932 and 1934. After the successful completion of the house gorillas, the group designed a pool of penguins to the zoo, containing a dual carriageway helically without intermediate supports for penguins and a pool area. The successes of the group in the London Zoo resulted in the design of two other zoos: Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire and Dudley in the West Midlands.The group designed the apartment block Highpoint I, in Highgate. The complex set a new standard of luxury in the life of the city, although it was originally intended for the working class. The group later designed the Highpoint II tower on an adjacent plot, which was even more luxurious than its predecessor. After completing Highpoint I, Tecton was commissioned for TB Dispensary in Finsbury . This was the first public commission given to a group of modern architecture. The building was created with the intent to improve public health through its construction, by creating a positive and encouraging for users to enjoy the outdoors through the glass walls atmosphere. The city of Finsbury was impressed with the Center for Health and Tecton commissioned several housing projects in the city.

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London, United Kingdom
bostjan, October 10th, 2016
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