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The Wall House

Cascais, Portugal
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The project faces the landscape of the Atlantic coast as a great refuge of long concrete walls, interrupted only by large windows that open onto the landscape. A vision that contrasts with the visual lightness in front of the heavy prefabricated concrete walls that make up the house. A 3,600 m2 home near Lisbon has two outdoor swimming pools that cross into the patio, one on the ground and the other floating on a higher level. The space left in the middle is filled with shadows, reflections and movements, generating suggestive visual perceptions.

The house has been named The Wall House, and is located 25 km from the Portuguese capital, in the "Portuguese Riviera" a typical vip summer resort, since in the nineteenth century King Luis I of Portugal and the aristocracy of the moment would make fashionable the city of Cascais, as a luxury area to spend the summer. The house has the following program: gourmet kitchen, large living room, 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, in two levels. All linked with the patio, the exterior gardens and taking advantage of the play of reflections that the water provides.The photographer Ricardo Oliveira Alves describes the house "Like a wall in a Castle not in stone, but in concrete, glass and wood. Not for protection but because of the neighbors and the strong Atlantic Wind."

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bostjan, July 20th, 2019
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