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Concrete, Forgotten Masterpieces, Yugoslavian Modernism, Unfinished

Project timeline

September 18th 1978 – 1989


Congress & Exhibition

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Current state

Under Construction

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Dom revolucije

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February 12th, 2021

Home of Revolution Change this

Nikšić, Montenegro
by Marko Mušič Change this
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The original design brief for the Home of Revolution (Dom Revolucije) stipulated that the building’s surface area should measure 7,230 square meters. However, during the design process, the surface area tripled to 21,738 square meters. Dom Revolucije was built as a memorial to those who died during the Second World War and as a landmark and cultural center for the city of Nikšić. At the time, Nikšić was one of the industrial centers of Yugoslavia. Construction work on the building stopped in 1989.


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