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Rationalism, Trieste

Project timeline

1935 – 1937



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Piazza della Borsa, 8

Current state


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Banca Generali S.P.A.

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Generali Spa

Generali Insurance Branch Change this

Trieste, Italy
by Marcello Piacentini Change this

Second block of the intervention

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This project, commissioned by Generali Insurance, was made by a famous rationalist architect such as Marcello Piacentini.

The project, developed after lengthy negotiations and ending with an engagement signed October 19, 1934, it involved the construction of two lots sites, the first equal to a surface area of ​​about 2,000 m2 between "Corso Vittorio Emanuele III" (today Corso Italia), "Piazza Malta" (today Largo Riborgo) and the extension of "Via Roma", the second of 1,000 m2 along the front of "Piazza della Borsa".
The construction period suffered a lots due the particular circumstances in which the country found itself in the years 1935-36.
An important role with the stakeholders was played by the local administration, in order to solve all the difficulties encountered in the implementation of these interventions, both monumental and representative.
On 1937, the Generali branch became a remarkable building and a strong urban project, given by the over-range size for the city of Trieste, the reputation of the architect M. Piacentini and to be a 'pilot' project for many others projects during the fascism period.


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