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Bankplassen 3
N-0034 Oslo

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Altered (extensions to the original)

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Exhibition Pavilion at the Norwegian Museum of Architecture

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Marius Mowe, Kristoffer Moe Bøksle, Henrik Hille

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Statsbygg; The National Museum

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Oslo, Norway
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The Exhibition Pavillion is an extention to one of Norway’s first monumental Empire Style buildings, designed by Christian Grosch in 1830, and a four-story building that was added in 1910. The buildings had been empty since 1990 and were in great need of repair. The concept behind the new Exhibition Pavilion was to create an introverted situation with daylight, the sky, and the surrounding vegetation as important elements in the total experience. The new building materials are mainly concrete, glass, steel, marble and oak. The cast on site construction is square in plan with four large columns supporting the slightly curved concrete roof. The facades are glass, blurring the transition between outside and inside. Exterior glass louvers provide for sun screening. The pavilion is surrounded by concrete walls that expand the experience in the room and act as a quiet backdrop for the exhibitions.


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