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Holocaust, Shoah, Public Plaza, Steel, Cor-Ten, Urban Design, Memorial, Public

Project timeline

January 27th 2015 – January 27th 2016


Monument & Memorial

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Piazza Memoriale della Shoah
40129 Bologna

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Lorenzo Catena, Onorato di Manno, Andrea Tanci

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Jewish Community of Bologna

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Structural engineers
Proges Engineering

Bologna Shoah Memorial Change this

Bologna, Italy
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The Shoah Memorial is the result of an international design competition wanted by the Jewish Community in order to donate to the city of Bologna a universal place of memory.

The project was selected as the winner by a jury chaired by Peter Eisenman among 284 proposals received from around the world.

Placed at the center of a new square near the railway station, a place already connected with the memory, the monument is an impressive sculptural object made of two steel cor-ten blocks 10 meters high. Outside it looks like a full and compact volume, while its interior is characterized by the emptiness generated by the obsessive repetition of cells that recall the concentration camp dormitories.

The transition between the two blocks, is characterized by a paving made by stones, which remembers the Judenrampe, it converges and narrows causing the visitor a state of alienation that leads him to a personal and intimate reflection on the Holocaust theme.


Posted by IanB | Thursday, January 18th, 2018 | 16:31pm
Reminds me of Serra. Do you have any plans to be uploaded? That would be great!

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