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Turrunuelo Garden

Seville, Spain
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The planning established two mandatory conditions: keep the inner flush in the new space (depressed about eighty centimetres on the adjacent streets) and establish a crosswalk next to the party wall of the asylum. In addition to the two conditions above the main features of the garden are: delimit the perimeter with a simple fence between concrete pillars; set access at the three vertices of the triangle that forms the floor; take advantage of the slope with the outside to create an own topography: rely on it a series of steps, the fuente-alberca, etc.; keep the large specimens of eucalyptus that already existed; avoid the visually-closed spaces and use resistant materials to prevent vandalism occurring in public spaces (the walls were envisaged concrete but promoter changed them during the work to brick masonry covered with plaster, with degradation that the passage of time has shown).

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0000fjrr, December 16th, 2013
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