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2007 – 2011



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Bernard Luiz, Alto de Pinheiros
Sao Paulo

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Bernard Luiz Apartments Change this

Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Communal entrance

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The Bernard Luiz Apartments consist of five houses located in Sao Paulo, designed by Nitsche Arquitetos in 2007. The five separately functioning apartments are arranged unsymmetrically creating a micro-village layout rather than residential apartments in a city setting.

Establishing a successful and efficient layout was key in this project, all apartments have their own backyard while maintaining privacy and ensure natural lighting is utilised most effectively. This execution of programme has created a residential apartment block that feels more like semi-detached housing, which is not common in a dense city such as Sao Paulo.

The design process involved many changes to the shape and layout of the houses and their relationship to the terrain, acting like an amoeba. The design was set around the gardens and the houses shaped to suit the needs of the landscape. A passage through the middle of the complex acts as communal access.


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