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Slovenian Modernism, Double-layered Glass Facade

Project timeline

1963 – 1970



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Dunajska cesta 47-53
1000 Ljubljana

Current state


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Astra Center Change this

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Savin Sever Change this
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The Astra Center is following the new urban regulation which creates a more metropolitan northern city entrance road. The project includes two lower shopping premises and two high-rises that occupy a whole side of a city block with an emphasized corner. The towers have glass facade, commercial part is surrounded by panels of artificial stone. Building facades are articulated with respect to the internal structure of space and structure, which was one of the design principles of the architect Sever. Towers construction is formed by corner walls, amongst which are positioned four offices. Towers have double glazed window what allows ventilation, shading and protection from noise. This was the first building in slovenia that was designed with a double-layered glass facade and an interspace enabling ventilation.


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