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2004 – 2006



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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Triland Development, d.o.o Sarajevo

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Alta Shopping Centre Change this

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The Alta Shopping Centre is in the form of a markedly vertical, continuous winding strip of shopping street defining the three-dimensional structure of the urban hub of pedestrian flows.
The Shopping Centre is in Marijin-dvor in central Sarajevo, on one of the city’s main crossroads, both a traffic and a pedestrian hub. It is on the opposite side of the main road from the buildings housing the Parliament and Joint Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, further highlighting the exclusive nature of the site.

Given this attractive location, the building is designed to serve as an urban shopping gallery with exclusive retail and services facilities on five storeys – basement, ground and three upper floors. By absorbing urban pedestrian movements, the building will be anchored into the urban matrix, of which it will become an integral part. Its urban context and functional permeability is enhanced by drawing the diagonal pedestrian flow into the spatial structure of the building.
The façade is designed to preserve the readability of the basic concept by glazing the winding concrete pedestrian “shopping lane” to maintain the building’s transparency. The simple, clean white façade is designed to equate the growing interest of the public in visiting art galleries with that of visiting shopping centres.


  • Book: Restart 1995-2010 - Arhitektura u Bosni i Hercegovini


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