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2004 – 2007



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Strelitzer Str. 58
10115 Berlin

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This multi-residential housing block is the first project by FAT Koehl Architekten and is located in the centre of Berlin. It is essentially an experimental project, Koehl not only designed the building but, together with artist Anne von Gwinner, acquired the site, sourced clients and collectively all parties engaged in the design process. The result is ten houses within one house. This experiment teases out a story of a design-and-build relationship between the architect and each of the ten clients.


The plot is located in central Berlin on the edge of Prenzlauer Berg, to the west of '60s style Wedding. Construction commenced in June 2007, two years after the acquisition of the property.


The design of the outer skin was an architectural challenge, with a need to distribute the 10 individual apartments. The diversity of the housing types creates a heterogeneous assembly effect.

The design has three superimposed maisonettes which take place in the narrow part, the wider part includes a duplex apartment with the remaining homes planned across one level. The street side is dedicated to a store, the remaining space functions as a passage.

Architectonic Details

A key detail to the buildings facade is seen through the insertion of balconies that are foldable and can be individually opened or closed. This element imparts a sense of ownership and control for each apartment.

Some other architectonic features include foldable partitions and walls and one apartment also features a collapsible bathroom unit.


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