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Future Architecture Platform

Birth date / place

October 6th 1987, Taipei, Taiwan

Selected Architecture

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millonaliu and nopurpose collective
Pieter de Raadtstraat
3033VC Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Klodiana Millona
City in the Making

Awards Change this

  • 2019 - Selected Creative of 2019 Future Architecture

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March 11th, 2019

Yuan Chun Liu (Cam Liu) Change this

Change thisRotterdam, Netherlands
born 1987, Taipei
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About Change this

Yuan Chun Liu (Cam Liu) is a spatial a designer from Taiwan, currently based in Rotterdam. My work is based on the exploration of architecture beyond the market with a special interest in affordable housing by researching commons and commoning. I am currently an active resident at “City in the Making” in Rotterdam focused on affordable housing and collective ownership. I am also the initiator and co curator of the independent Neverland Cinema where I organise the monthly experimental music programme “Nights of Noise”.


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