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1994, Tokyo, Japan

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Tezuka Architects
1-19-9-3F Todoroki Setagaya
158-0082 Tokyo, Japan

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Richard Rogers

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Change thisTokyo, Japan
est. 1994, Tokyo
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Tezuka Architects is the studio of Takaharu and Yui Tezuka. Takahuru was born in Tokyo, japan in 1964. He studied architecture at Musashi Institute of Technology and continued on with his masters at the University of Pennsylvania. After his graduation in 1990, he worked for 4 years for the Richard Rogers Partnership. His wife Yui was born in Kanagawa in 1969. She also attended the Musashi Institute of Technology and then studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University college in London for a year. In 1994, they established 'tezuka architects' together in Tokyo.


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