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Floating Roof House

Okayama, Japan
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The Floating Roof House was designed by Tezuka Architects and completed in 2005. The house is located at the bottom of a hill. A dense forest grows in abundance to the rear, and at the edge of the site there are steps leading down and extending to the residential district of Okayama.

The house's floating roof allows the slope to continue through the internal space. It intends to create the effect of a single plane floating in the air, with the forest hills in the background extending right to the edge of the site. When viewed from below, only the 40-metre-long and 160-millimetre-thick eaves line can be seen. The roof is supported by walls in only three polaces. It has a maximum projection of nine metres around the entry hall area.

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archibald, April 27th, 2011
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