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2003, Budapest, Hungary

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t2a Architects
Budakeszi út 91
1021 Budapest, Hungary

t2a Architects Change this

Change thisBudapest, Hungary
est. 2003, Budapest
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Two architects from different generations, one educated before, the other after, the fall of communism in Hungary; together they head t2a, the practice they established in 2003. What unites Gábor and Bence Turányi is not the pursuit of a single recognizable architectural style but a flexible approach to architectural design and an open working relationship. This has resulted in a wide range of 'natural' buildings that appear to have grown out of their immediate surroundings. Not 'starchitecture' but contemporary 'popular' architecture.

Father Gábor Turányi (b. 1948) obtained a doctorate in liberal arts from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) in 1975 and set up his own practice in 1984. In addition to his architectural work he teaches at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and writes articles on architecture. Son Bence (b. 1974) also studied at the BME. After obtaining his diploma in 2001, he went to work for Turányi and Simon Ltd. where his father was one of the partners. In 2003 father and son set up their own practice, Turányi & Turányi architects, or t2a.



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