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November 21st 1937, Cetinje, Montenegro

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Podgorica, Montenegro

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"The spider is one of the biggest builder on the world. His net is the finest construction which can be made."
Svetlana Kana Radević


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December 16th, 2016

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Change thisPodgorica, Montenegro
born 1937, Cetinje
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Svetlana Kana Radević was the first woman architect in Montenegro. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture Belgrade and obtained a master's degree at the University of Pennsylvania. She was a member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, a member of Duklja Academy of Arts and Sciences, the first vice president of Matica Montenegro, a member of the Montenegrin PEN Center and a member of UNESCO (AIA). Her most important architectural works are hotel Podgorica​​, bus station and business center "Krusevac" in Podgorica, hotel in Zlatibor and Mojkovac. She has received numerous awards, including the award "Borba", Award for liberation of Podgorica and Trinaestojulska award.


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