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2003, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Studio Stratum
Prešernova 12
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Studio Stratum Change this

Change thisLjubljana, Slovenia
est. 2003, Ljubljana
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Studio Stratum was founded by Polona Filipič and Peter Šenk in 2003.

Studio Stratum occupies the stratum of architecture/urbanism in the complex process of design/planning. In constant interaction with the network of experts from the fields of technical and other matters, Studio Stratum aims at maximizing control of the design/planning processes from the very beginning of the project.

In Studio Stratum, a working method with the use of operational concepts has been developed.

Operational concepts are a multilayered control tool for coherent design corresponding to initial premises which define the main intention of the project. In relation to the conditions of adaptability, sustainability, (in)determinacy, repeatability, mobility, multiplicity, unity, circulation, communication and context, one or more operational concepts can be involved within one project.

Operational concepts in use are: bottom-up, flexible, eco, flow, module, plug-in, prototype and time. They respond to the unique demands of individual commissions and enable the control of consistency of the project according to previously undertaken research of environmental, spatial and other relevant conditions, client's demands and end user's needs.

With the conceptual approach, in relation to space, place and program, particular attention is paid to the use of materials, affinity to the environment and stimulation of social interaction.


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